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Rotate the windage dial clockwise to move the reticle plane left, or counterclockwise to move it right. resetting the elevation turret. after zeroing your rifle ... 68 pages
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LRTSLONG RANGE TACTICAL SCOPEINSTRUCTION maNUalmaNUel D’INSTRUCTIONSmaNUal De INSTRUCCIONeSBeDIeNUNgSaNleITUNgmaNUale DI ISTRUzIONIModel#: ET3124GA / ET3124GI / ET45184GA / ET45184GI 05/16EnglishFrançaisEspañolDeutschItaliano1 - 1316 - 2627 - 3940 - 5253 - 65ABOUT THE LONG RANGE TACTICAL SCOPEYour Long Range Tactical Scope is part of the new Elite Tactical series ofriflescopes from Bushnell. It is a purpose built optic specially designed withinput from the experts to meet the need of shooters who require optimumperformance at extreme ranges.The LRTS also features the new G3 or G3-i (illuminated) First Focal Planereticle, specifically designed to allow shooters to range targets then holdoverand counter the effects of wind at any magnification setting. The scope hasa low profile, tactical style elevation turret. Once a zero is established, theelevation knob can be precisely returned to zero after “dialing up” by settingBushnell’s new RevLimiter™ Zero Stop mechanism. The Elite Long RangeT...
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