Living water garden feasibility study - files

that a living water garden be included as part of this redevelopment. the purpose of a water garden is to use native plant species, ponds and aeration.
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SSu m m a ryu m m a ryThe City of Duluth is in the process of redeveloping the Bayfront area, which is located between downtown Duluth and theDuluth Harbor. The Bayfront Visions Groupproposed that a Living Water Garden beincluded as part of this redevelopment.The purpose of a water garden is to usenative plant species, ponds and aerationstructures to treat stormwater in an interactive, aesthetically pleasing, and educational setting.This project conducteda feasibility study to determine if stormwaterrunoff from Slip Number 2, the Great LakesAquarium, severalparking lots, and proposed greenhouse andvisitor center buildingscould be treated in theWater Garden.The feasibility study was completed in January 2001. It evaluatedand determined the biological, engineering and regulatory issues thatwould effectthe design,operation,and maintenance of afuture LivingWater Garden.Livin g w a ter ga rd enLivin g w a ter ga rd enLivin g w a ter ga rd enFea sibility stu d yFea sibility stu d yFea sibili...