Ling 80k constructed languages: from elvish to esperanto

There is also one optional book: • mark rosenfelder, the language construction kit. yonagu books: 2010. all of these are available at the bookstore. in addition ... 8 pages
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ling 80K (Anand) Summer Session 2 2018ling 80K Constructed Languages: From Elvish to EsperantoSyllabus (as of tbd)1 Administrative InformationInstructor:Pranav AnandE-mail: [email protected] hours: tbd and by appointmentCourse/Teaching Assistants:TBDE-mail: tbdSection: tbdOffice hours: tbdLogistics:Website: CanvasPrerequisites: none.General education: This course fulfills the Textual Analysis general education requirement.This is a course about constructed languages, the languages that people deliberately devise, and the waythose languages relate to (or differ from) natural languages, the languages that arise from the self-organizingnature of human communities. Constructed languages are well-known in science fiction and fantasy literatureas ways of contributing to the fleshing out of a novel world, but the history and purposes of constructedlanguages is much more complex. Part of this courses goal is to chart the various creations of these languagesand understand what may unite and...