Life-cycle assessment of urban transport business models

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ITF Corporate Partnership Board workshopOctober 1st, Paris, FranceLife-cycle assessment ofurban transport businessmodelsPreliminary analysis/resultsLCA assessment file circulated prior to the workshop• Developed for a selection of “urban mobility options”, including “new” ones• Developed only on a mode-by-mode basis, no trip chaining yet• Includes estimates of energy use and GHG emissions per vehicle, vkm, pkm andnetwork km• Includes an assessment of all the LCA components already discussed• Contains a wide number of assumptions, most backed up by actual data orlogical/transparent justifications• Heavily reliant on GREET2 for energy intensity and emission factors related withmaterials• Has a simplified solution compared to dedicated LCA tools• Enables a generalisation of the assessments possible with GREET (focused on cars) toother modes• Also allows to include LCA component for infrastructure• Does not cover well multiple alternative fuel options (focus on petroleum & electricity)2Pre...
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