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Or what time they have to be home after school. repeat each sentence using must. elicit that must means the same as have to, but is a very.
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© 2009-2010 BrainPOP ESL. All rights reserved. Visit us on the web at http://www.brainpopesl.comLevel 23.2 Lesson PlanSession 1Check Check the Write It assignments from the last session in L2U3L1:Homework the dialogue between two animals who watched the race between thetortoise and the hare. Pairs practice reading their dialogues together,and then volunteers read their dialogues to the class.Warm-up Watch Words to Know, stopping to give more examples and contextas needed.For example:Dance: Ask if students like to dance. Does their school have dances?Waltz, Tango: You may want to play music for the different dances.Ask what other dances students know.Partner: Ask for examples of things they need partners for (dancing,playing certain games like tennis or chess, doing class activities, thedialogue activity they just did, etc.)Everything: Point out the two words it is made from. Elicit similarwords that they may know, and opposite words (all things, everybody,everyone, nothing, nobody).Ste...