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2009 brainpop esl. ... him/her to play with it, and say: he/she is playing now. ... ask the students if they understand what the difference is. 5 pages
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© 2009 BrainPOP ESL. All rights reserved. Visit us on the web at http://www.brainpopesl.comLevel 12 .1 Lesson PlanSession 1Warm-up Introduce the present progressive and some of the new vocabulary:clean / room / now / play / work / thank youDemonstrate the following, saying: I'm sitting behind the desk, and you'resitting behind the desk.Using a broom or dust rag, pantomime and say: I’m cleaning the room now.Hand it to a student to do and say: You're cleaning the room now, thank you.Ask two students to clean the room and say: They're cleaning the room,they are working.Play with a ball and say: I’m playing ball now. Give a student a ball, tellhim/her to play with it, and say: He/She is playing now. Ask the student tothrow the ball to another student and say: They are playing now.Quickly go through each action again with students repeating the sentencesafter you.Elicit the meaning and function of the present progressive from thestudents. Ask the students if they understand what the differe...