Keys to profitable southern pea production

22,000 harvested as dry peas and 5,900 as green, fresh ... seeding rate and plant spacing ... spacing blackeyed, cream and purple hull seeds 2 to 4. 4 pages
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-f J IIr!L·1862KEYS TO PROFITABLE SOUTHERN PEA PRODUCTIONTerry Menges, John E. Larsen, Samuel Cotner, Roland Roberts,B. Dean McCraw and Thomas Longbrake*Southern peas, often called cowpeas, are a warmseason crop which fits well with normal croppingsystems in Texas. This crop can be grown during thesummer after the spring or early summer vegetablesare harvested and before planting winter vegetables.Southern peas are grown mostly in sandy, nonir-rigated areas of Texas. They usually are planted fol-lowing seasonal rainfall, which accounts for the varia-tion in acreage from year to year.In 1978, plantings totaled 35,000 acres with22,000 harvested as dry peas and 5,900 as green, freshpeas; while in 1979, 40,000 acres were planted with22,000 acres being harvested as dry peas and 4,000acres as green peas.Yields increased from 570 pounds per acre for drypeas and 625 pounds for green, fresh peas in 1978 to1,000 pounds per acre for dry peas and 1,400 poundsper acre for green peas in 1979.Product...
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