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Should be two words or one? just checking? spelling, punctuation and grammar are increasingly important in assessments across the curriculum. although. 22 pages
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Just checking...Not sure whether to use a colon or a semi-colon? Not surewhere the apostrophe should go? Not sure whether ‘a lot’should be two words or one? Just checking?Spelling, punctuation and grammar are increasinglyimportant in assessments across the curriculum. Althoughsome people find written work very easy, many of us needsupport to enable us to write effectively.Whether you’re a student or an adult supporting a student’slearning, this guide should help to explain some of thetrickier aspects of SPAG, as well as how to avoid somecommon errors.It’s a working document, so if there is anything else thatanyone would like to see clarified, please let us know andwe’ll add it in.ContentsPunctuation: Apostrophes Brackets Capital letters Commas Colons Dashes Full stops, question marks and exclamation marks Paragraphs Semi-colons Speech marks TensesBasic parts of speech and sentence constructionCommon spelling queriesUseful spellingsApostrophes’Apostrophes have just two uses1)...