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Seemingly simple case – looking into young charles calderstone's ... dishes they thoughtfully create, every tattoo has a rich, ... 84 pages
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BLOOMSBURYNEW TITLESJULY–DECEMBER 2016July – December 20162 Original Fiction10 Crime13 Paperback Fiction20 Fiction (Also Available)23 Original Non-fiction36 Nature Writing & Outdoors39 Popular Science42 Food46 Sport51 Maritime53 Military54 Business60 Religion62 Paperback Non-fiction78 Bloomsbury Contact List & International Sales80 Index82 Social Media Contactsexport informationTPB trade paperbackPAPERBACK B format paperback (dimensions 198 mm x 129 mm)2ORIGINAL FICTIONThe Theoretical FootM. F. K. Fisher19 MAY 2016HARDBACK • 9781408880036 • £16.99EBOOK • 9781408880050 • £14.99EXPORT TPB • 9781408880852 • £12.99TERRITORY: COMM/UKEXCANTRANSLATION RIGHTS: ABNER STEINANZ PUB DATE 1 JUNE 2016TPB • AUS $28.00 • NZ $32.99An unpublished novel by the iconic food writer, this portrait of 1930s bohemianlife will take the literary world by stormSusan and Joe never want this perfect summer to end. It is the 1930s, and societyfrowns on the slack morals of couples living in sin – but judgement is sus...
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