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Together and growing through the experience. ... if they are troubled by what they see online: what are the 4 common ... write/draw with them ... 14 pages
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PARENT KITJourneying ThroughChallenging Times,TogetherWhen the going gets tough, you needsomeone to be there for you, to listento you and understand you.For our children, that someone is us. To showthem that we love them as much during theirbad days as good.This issue of Parent Kit helps you identifysigns of stress in children and providessuggestions for support you can offer.Remember, it is not about having a readysolution to every problem, but facing challengestogether and growing through the experience.Is your child havingtrouble with stress?• Sudden behavioural changes• Mood swings or sulkiness• Acting out or being rebellious• Becoming withdrawn and avoiding others• Struggling to pay attention to studies oractivities• Recurrent stomach aches and headaches• Stark changes in sleeping and eating patterns• Making excuses to miss schoolSigns of stressHow can you tell?• Focus on affirming their efforts, not justresults.• Celebrate small successes, let them knowyou care.• Encourage a grow...