Investors' guidebook 2020

A. create an account in the company registration system (crs) at crs.sec.gov.ph b. verify the created account through email.
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INVESTORS’GUIDEBOOK 2020DANELA C. BAUTISTAINTRODUCTIONWith the ASEAN Integration and aggressive campaign of the Philippine Governmentto attract investments by capitalizing on the ease of doing business in the country,more foreign investors are considering the Philippines as the most feasible site inthe international arena to establish their businesses. The Board of Investments (BOI),as the lead industry promotion agency in the country, signifies its commitment tofurther encourage the entry of investments through proactive initiatives andcollaboration with various stakeholders.The Investors’ Guidebook is a catalogue of various government transactions inrelation to establishing a business in the Philippines. It contains the general businessrequirements and procedures on business registration, business taxation, pertinentsectoral permits and licenses, as well as optional registration for incentivesavailment from National Government Agencies and Investment Promotion Agencies,as follows:1. ...