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By a rosenblat — discussions of the governance of all types of data: public, private, commercially- and academically-generated, and scientific. 6 pages
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Data &Society Research Institute datasociety.netInterpretation Gone Wrongby Alex Rosenblat, Tamara Kneese, and danah boydA workshop primer produced for:The Social, Cultural & Ethical Dimensions of “Big Data”March 17, 2014 - New York, NYhttp://www.datasociety.net/initiatives/2014-0317/Brief DescriptionJust because data can be made more accessible to broader audiences does not meanthat those people are equipped to interpret what they see. Limited topical knowledge,statistical skills, and contextual awareness can prompt people to read inferences into, beafraid of, and otherwise misinterpret the data they are given. As more data is made moreavailable, what other structures and procedures need to be in place to help people interpretwhat's available?Detailed Topic Description:Data is increasingly being made available for public consumption. Expressions like“information is power” and “information wants to be free” have gained enormousrhetorical traction, and concepts like “transparency” and “...