Innovations in vehicle ratemaking:

Relevance of non-mileage vehicle history data. • transunion vehicle history score. • predictive power for rating (all the lift charts).
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1May 8, 2012Innovations in Vehicle Ratemaking:CAS Spring Meeting, Phoenix, May 22, 2012Utilizing Vehicle History Data© 2012 TransUnion LLC All Rights ReservedGlenn HofmannVP Analytics, [email protected] was the MOST RECENT highly predictive piece ofdata introduced in personal auto insurance rating? When?What will the NEXT highly predictive piece of data be?3 © 2012 TransUnion LLC All Rights ReservedAgenda• Current state of vehicle pricing• Vehicle History Data• A Word on Mileage• Relevance of Non-Mileage Vehicle History Data• TransUnion Vehicle History Score• Predictive Power for Rating (All the Lift Charts)• Insurance Uses of Vehicle History Score• Summary4 © 2012 TransUnion LLC All Rights Reserved3Vehicle pricing lags in sophistication but isimprovingCurrent State in Vehicle Rating TransUnionTransUnion SolutionSolutionMost carriers use industry standards• Vehicle Age, Symbols, Usage, MileageGapsVehicle history data from Carfax• Damage history• Mileage histor...