Information extraction

By s sarawagi · 2007 · cited by 1083 — in section 4, we cover techniques for relationship extraction con- ... of a contact database to extract authoring information from files in a.
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Foundations and Trends R© inDatabasesVol. 1, No. 3 (2007) 261–377c© 2008 S. SarawagiDOI: 10.1561/1500000003Information ExtractionSunita SarawagiIndian Institute of Technology, CSE, Mumbai 400076, India,[email protected] automatic extraction of information from unstructured sources hasopened up new avenues for querying, organizing, and analyzing databy drawing upon the clean semantics of structured databases and theabundance of unstructured data. The field of information extractionhas its genesis in the natural language processing community where theprimary impetus came from competitions centered around the recog-nition of named entities like people names and organization from newsarticles. As society became more data oriented with easy online accessto both structured and unstructured data, new applications of struc-ture extraction came around. Now, there is interest in converting ourpersonal desktops to structured databases, the knowledge in scien-tific publications to struc...