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Communicate what's special about you. ... a clever infographic resume can achieve this, and more. ... an infographic resume is not an excuse to show off.
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InfographicResumes:A paradigm shiftIn his book The Structure of Scientific Revolutions (1962),the philosopher Thomas Kuhn proposed that science doesnot follow a path of steady, cumulative progress.Rather, it undergoes periodic and profound conceptual breakthroughs, calledparadigm shifts. These shifts in thinking lay the basis for a new world view.Arguably, the traditional Resume is undergoing just such a shift. And it’s about time.In today’s tech-driven world, it’s hard to comprehend why recruitersand candidates alike have clung on to the old-fashioned, hand-craftedtraditional resume for so long. Impersonal, unrevealing and frequentlyinaccurate, the traditional resume gives at best a snapshot of anindividual at a particular moment in time. Its tedious lists of bland factsabout the candidate’s education and work history tell the reader littleabout the human being named in the title. Of their skills, attributes,personality and character there is nothing. Considering that thebusiness cost...
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