Industrial development public & private sector

In accord with iso9001-2000 std & sa8000 std ... standard chartered bank ... the payment obligation is often but not always supported by a bank guarantee.
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IINNDDUUSSTTRRIIAALL DDEEVVEELLOOPPMMEENNTTPUBLIC & PRIVATE SECTOR- Infrastructure- Technical Hardware- Energy & Water- AgroindustryTO:In accord with Iso9001-2000 std & SA8000 stdDate Version Release File Sign.Jan.2017 English 1.0 Pr.EnglishCopyright of West Africa Constellation Programme ®Industrial Development Programme – West Africa RegionsLogistic System from Europe to West Africa - Industrial Projects & ManagementEuropean Back Office – Como (Italy)Ph.0039.340.2677759 – Mail:[email protected][email protected] 0039.31.988695 – Fax 0039.31.988683 – Mobile IT 0039.340.2677759Local Back Office – Banjul (The Gambia)FINANCIAL STRUCTURE & FACILITIESThe Financial Facilities are in relation at singles projectwhat have the correct plan of investment with generation ofeconomic margin.There are two typologie of support:- Public Projects and Private ProjectsThe particularity is the accept of Guarantee fromAfrican banks:ECOBANK – ACCESS BANK OF THE GAMBIAGAMBIA TRUST BANK...