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By ua javid — in this project, we have developed an atomic force microscope (afm) capable of resolving ... figure 2.9: electrical construction flow diagram. 62 pages
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Implementation of Closed Loop FeedbackControl of Piezoelectric Disc based Atomic ForceMicroscopeUsman Ali JavidSupervised byDr. M. Sabieh AnwarDepartment of PhysicsLahore University of Management SciencesAcknowledgementsA lot of people have contributed towards the completion of this project. Firstly, my parents haveprovided me with constant motivation throughout the year and helped arrange so many trips toLahore. My friends and colleagues have kept my spirits high in times where I felt over-burdenedwhile managing the project in Lahore and classes in Islamabad. Thanks to Salman, Tabinda,Abdullah Lodhi, Ansub, Hisham, Irteza and Asad Raza for keeping me on my toes with theirconstant support and praise. Special thanks to Ahmer for providing support for fabricatingelectronics for the project.Dr. Mashhood Ahmad has been a mentor to me through the entirety of this endeavor. He has notonly helped me understand the theory of the project, but constantly guided me is developingresearch skills an...