Immigration consequences of driving under the influence

A conviction for driving under the influence (“dui”), california vehicle code § 23152 and § 23153, ... code § 23103 ... to a “drug” (cal. veh. code vc §. 10 pages
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A conviction for driving under the influence (“DUI”), California Vehicle Code § 23152 and § 23153,can have adverse immigration consequences, depending on the individual’s situation. The conviction can bea damaging factor in discretionary decisions, including whether the person will be released from immigrationdetention on bond, or found to be of good moral character. It is a bar to Deferred Action for ChildhoodArrivals (DACA). Simply being charged with a DUI can cause revocation of a non-immigrant visa. Andcombined with other factors, DUI arrests or convictions can lead to inadmissibility or deportability, forexample under the alcoholic or drug abuse grounds.Fortunately, under current law a California DUI conviction is not a per se ground of removability: it isnot an aggravated felony, a crime involving moral turpitude, or other inadmissible or deportable conviction.However, that could change in the future.This practice advisory will walk through all of the ways that a DUI can affect a...
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