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“watson is a cognitive technology that can think like a human.” ... 304.ibm.com/services/weblectures/dlv/gate.wss?handler ... ever increasing data.
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IBM Watson : Courses OverviewPrepared by: Nikolaos Sakaltras, Prashant Chaudhari, Akriti SharmaWhat is IBM Watson“Watson is a cognitive technology that can think like a human.”Why cognitive computing• Big Data volume has grown.• Conventional computing problem :- 80% of the world's data is unstructureddata.Watson can read unstructured information and figure out its contents. Itunderstands user, engage him along improved learning and helps human indiscovering relationship among data.How Watson’s cognition differs!WatsonUnderstands QuestionProduces Possible Answers & EvidenceDelivers Response, Evidence & ConfidenceAnalyzes Evidence, Computes ConfidenceAsks NL QuestionConsiders Answer & EvidenceDecision MakerWatson Cognition: Architecture PipelineAnnotatedContent DatabasesTrainingquestions withanswer keysCustomizedLearningStrategyConcept andSemantic Relation-based AnswerMergingQuestion TypeIdentificationRead more.....https://www-304.ibm.com/services/weblectures/dlv/Gate.wss?handler=Informa...
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