How to calculate volume of gadolinium-based contrast agents

Eg. if calculated dose of eovist is 11ml, use 10ml instead ... volume calculation trick for multihance, ... when in doubt, use the formula.
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Calculating Volume ofGadolinium Based Contrast AgentsScott Reeder, MD, PhDDepartment of RadiologyUniversity of Wisconsin3/1/2013Calculating the volume of GBCAV = Volume (ml)D = dose by weight (mmol/kg)W = weight (kg)C = concentration (mmol/ml)V = D x WCNotes:1. Recommend rounding to the nearest ml, except for small doses, eg. for children*eg. 12.4 ml should be 12ml13.9 ml should be 14ml*1.2 ml should be 1.2ml2. OK to round down to nearest vial size in many circumstances to save opening new vialeg. if calculated dose of Eovist is 11ml, use 10ml insteadTypical Doses and Concentrationsof GBCA’s used at UW-MadisonAgent Typical Dose(mmol/kg)Concentration(mmol/ml)Multihance(gadobenate dimeglumine)0.10 0.50Omniscan(gadodiamide)0.10 0.50Eovist(gadoxetic acid)0.05 0.25Ablavar(gadofosveset trisodium)0.03 0.25Example Calculations1. Volume of 0.1mmol/kg of Multihance or Omniscan for 79kg patient2. Volume of 0.05 mmol/kg of Eovist for 52kg patient3. Volume of 0.03 mmol/kg of Ablavar for 72kg patien...