Guitar chord charts/acordes de guitarra

Acorde disminuido con séptima menor ... izquierda de la diagonal indica el acorde que se debe tocar. ... debe tocar en la guitarra, el teclado o el bajo.
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The following symbols are used in theguitar diagrams:BarreString not to be playedOpen String to be playedAugmented chordDiminished chordHalf diminished chord(includes a minor seventh)The number to the right of some of thediagrams indicates the fret at which the chord isto begin.The numbers which appear at the bottom of thediagram make reference to the left hand finger-ing.Some chord labels have a slash (/) in betweentwo letters. The letter before the slash indicatesthe chord which needs to be played. The letterfollowing the slash indicates the bass notewhich needs to be played, either as the lowesttone on the guitar or keyboard, or by the bassplayer. In the following example, C/G indicatesthat a C chord should be played with the note Gsounding in the bass. Playing this as the bassnote is not absolutely necessary, but is helpfulfor the voice leading of the piece.Símbolos que se utilizan en los acordesde guitarra:CejillaCuerda apagada (la cuerda indicada no se toca)Cuerda suelta (la cuer...