Gcse media – representation - pixl independence:

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1PiXL Independence:Media Studies -­‐ Student BookletKS4RepresentationContents:I. Multiple Choice Questions – 20 creditsII. Short Answer Questions – 10 credits eachIII. Wider Reading – 50 credits eachIV. Academic Reading – 150 credits eachV. Exam Style Questions – 100 credits each2i. Multiple Choice QuestionsAnswer the questions that explore the themes of this unit. You will need to draw on yourknowledge and wider reading to support you in completing this.20 credits for completing this quiz.1. What does the word ‘representation’ mean?a. The way someone or something looksb. The way someone or something is shown or portrayedc. The way someone or something is photographed2. What is the key phrase used to describe the attitudes, beliefs and values shared by themajority of people in a particular society?a. Dominant Ideologyb. Key Stereotypec. Mainstream Idea3. Feminist theorists such as Mulvey often believe what?a. That women should be portrayed in the media as more feminineb. That men tend ...