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Carpet. call customer service at the number listed on the quick facts. for fast, easy ordering, go to freeman.com. • colorfast carpet technology.
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C A R P E TCall customer service at the number listed on the Quick Facts. For fast, easy ordering, go to freeman.com• Colorfast carpet technologyguarantees a uniform andprofessional look throughoutthe life of your exhibit• Diverse customization optionsguarantee the fulfillment ofyour brand standards• All carpet and padding ismanufactured withrecycled material• Rental prices are all-inclusiveso there are never hiddencharges for material handlingor pickup• Renting carpet fromFreeman minimizesyour shipping footprint.FROM THE GROUND UPEngage your audience from the moment they set foot in your exhibit withcustom carpets. Our colorfast carpeting boasts a consistent shade every timeand the padding exceeds industry standards, ensuring that you’ll be flooredby the quality. Custom options can be ordered and include borders, patternsand logo applications in both our classic and prestige carpeting lines.Sustainability Tip:DARKER COLORED CARPETS SUCH AS BLACK AND GRAY AND THE TWO-TONED CARPET ARE M...
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