Folie 1 - textilemission

Variation of fibre and yarn types (count, texture, filaments). optimization of knitting processes. 2. cellulosic materials (staple fibres):.
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Ellen Bendt, Maike Rabe, Stefan Brandt, Sabrina Kolbe, Jens Meyer, Karin Ratovo,Maya Breuer, Kerstin Zöll, Malin Obermann, Robert Klauer, Maren Berns, RebekkaRössel, Susanne Küppers, Carolin WienersNiederrhein University of Applied Sciences, Research Institute for Textile and ClothingApproaches in the development of textileswith reduced emission of fibrousmicroplasticTextileMission Closing-ConferenceMarch 17th, 2021TextileMission Closing-Conference | Bendt | March 17th, 2021 1• Textile technology research – focus on fleece• Fabric construction – 2 strategies• Material results – a comprehensive material label• Garment construction• Conclusions and outlookAgenda2TextileMission Closing-Conference | Bendt | March 17th, 2021Textile technology researchfocus on fleece: construction3TextileMission Stakeholder-Conference | Bendt | March 17th, 2021123Pictures: Ellen Bendt + Susanne Küppers,2017, 2019, 2020Graphic: Ellen Bendt, 2017Textile technology researchconstruction and finishing4Graphic: Ch...