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By o gassmann · 2017 · cited by 26 — is the business model conceptually distinct from strategy?” in an attempt to answer these questions, ... the cognitive school, however, views mcdonalds as a.
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www.europeanbusinessreview.com 45A Primer on Theoretically Exploring theField of Business Model InnovationCompanies like Amazon, Uber, and Skypehave become business strategy icons and theway they transformed industries can hardlybe explained with classic strategy research.This article explores the field of BusinessModel Innovation which has become thecornerstone for the competitiveness of manysuccessful firms.Amazon became the biggest bookseller inthe world without owning a single brick-and-mortar store. Uber revolutionised thetaxi industry without owning a single car. Skypeis the largest telecommunications provider world-wide without having any network infrastructure atits disposal.Although all of these firms have become strat-egy icons, the way they transformed industries canhardly be explained with classic strategy research.To understand the scale and speed of such trans-formations, the concept of the business model hasemerged. It is defined as “the logic of the firm,the way it oper...