Fiction vs nonfiction worksheet 3rd grade

Fiction vs nonfiction worksheet 3rd grade. welcome to the library. go ahead and take a seat and get comfortable. i've got a story for you.
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ContinueFiction vs nonfiction worksheet 3rd gradeWelcome to the library. Go ahead and take a seat and get comfortable. I've got a story for you.\r\rOnce upon a time there was an author,\rWho wrote lots of books and had much to offer.\rShe wrote both types, fiction and nonfiction.\rYou don't know the difference?\rWell, come on, listen.\rFiction is made up, it's false, not true,\rIt'smake-believe — that means there is not proof.\rNow, it can sound true,\rIt can even have facts,\rBut it's from the imagination — we'll leave it at that.\rNow nonfiction is based on facts and\rTrue things that have really happened.\rIt's informative, full of information,\rNonfiction can help you with your education.\rOur author lovedboth, as you can tell,\rShe wrote a nonfiction book about the liberty bell,\rAnd then wrote a story about living on the moon,\rWhich is fiction for now, but who knows? Maybe soon...\r\rLet me tell you a story,\rYup, I'mma tell you a tale,\rSomething that's nonfiction,\rAnd that me...