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Disease (ihd) in commercial transport ... addison's disease is an adrenocortical insufficiency caused by dys- ... membranes are dry, and his eyes appear.
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The Aging Brain, Cognition, and Aeromedical ConcernsAeromedical Concerns Related to Age and CognitionBy Richard Ronan Murphy, MBChBSi jeunesse savoit; si vieillesse pouvoit (tr.) If only youth had the knowledge;if old age had the ability— Henri Estienne (1528-1598)THE YEAR 2010 ended with morethan 650,000 U.S.-certified pilots,nearly 10% of whom were over the age of65 and more than 4,700 over the age of80. Nearly two-thirds of the pilots overage 65 held commercial, CFI, or ATPcertificates, and nearly a quarter of thoseover age 80 were flight instructors (1).Older pilots represent a significantproportion of certified pilots and bringa valuable wealth of knowledge andexperience to the cockpit, and to theaviation industry.Normal Aging and FlightPerformanceSlight cognitive decline is not un-usual with advancing age (2), thoughknowledge and experience accumulateover time. Older age does not inevitablylead to cognitive decline, and significantcognitive decline should not be consid-ered “norm...