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Courses they taught were defined in reference to general or specific purposes for learning. english. conceptualizing esl/efl writing for specific purposes ... 24 pages
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1ESL/EFL Instructors’ Practices for Writing Assessment:Specific or General Purposes?Alister Cumming, University of TorontoAddress for correspondence: Alister Cumming, Modern Language Centre, Ontario Institute forStudies in Education/University of Toronto, 252 Bloor Street West, Toronto, Ontario, CanadaM5S 1V6; E-mail:[email protected] Fax: 1-416-926-4769.Author’s note: I thank Liz Hamp-Lyons, Tom Lumley, Merrill Swain, and 16 of the intervieweesfor commenting usefully on an initial draft of this article.A fundamental difference between specific and general purposes for language assessmentemerged from analyses of 48 highly experienced instructors of ESL/EFL composition’saccounts, during interviews, of their usual practices for writing assessment in courses inuniversities or immigrant settlement programs. The instructors worked in situationswhere English is either the majority language (Australia, Canada, New Zealand) or aninternational language (Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand). Alth...