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Tabe complete language assessment system – english™. tabe clas-e ... scoring tabe clas-e ... conversion chart (back of locator test directions, p26) ... 46 pages
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1TABE Complete Language Assessment System – English™TABE CLAS-E2Agenda• Welcome• Overview of TABE CLAS-E• Interview/Locator• Administering the Reading Test• Administering the Listening Test• Administering the Writing Test• Scoring TABE CLAS-E• Questions3Overview of TABE CLAS-EWhat is TABE Complete Language Assessment System-English?• Standardized assessment that provides teachers with a reliable, easy-to-usesystem that accurately identifies the instructional needs of their ESL students• Assesses English proficiency levels to accurately measure students' reading,listening, writing, and speaking skills• Appropriate for all levels of adult ESL• Scores from TABE CLAS-E are linked to TABE 9&10, designed to offer yourstudents a successful transition into adult basic education• Delivers National Reporting System (NRS) proficiency levels, objective masteryscores, and Student Performance Level4Overview of TABE CLAS-E• Provides Prescriptive Reports which link teachers to the TABE CLAS-EInstructi...