Each group will be composed of the students who chose to work on each essential question. for each question students will find quotes that directly answer their. 3 pages
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1Adapted from “The Big Ideas of UbD” by Grant Wiggins and Jay McTighe, 2004.CELF Summer Institute ‘10Subject: English Grade: 10thSchool: Boston Latin School [public] MA Teacher: Kit KUnit Title: English Reframing Curriculum through aSustainability LensStage 1- Desired ResultsEstablished Goal(s) (National and/or MA State and/or District goal):Massachusetts Standards:#1: Students will use agreed-upon rules for informal and formal discussions in small and large groups.#2: Students will pose questions, listen to the ideas of others, and contribute their own information orideas in group discussions or interviews in order to acquire new knowledge.#3: Students will make oral presentations that demonstrate appropriate consideration of audience,purpose, and the information to be conveyed.#9: Students will deepen their understanding of a literary or non-literary work by relating it to itscontemporary context or historical background.#11: Students will identify, analyze, and apply knowledge of th...
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