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Applications of such dedicated reference materials will also require testing and validation using biological test samples in clinical laboratories. objectives.
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Report Status: PU PublicPublishable SummaryIssued: Jan 2021This publication reflects only the author’s viewand the Commission is not responsible for anyuse that may be made of the information itcontains.1/7Publishable Summary for 18HLT01 METVES IIStandardisation of concentration measurements of extracellularvesicles for medical diagnosesOverviewExtracellular vesicles (EVs) are cell-derived particles present in body fluids, which have excellent potential asbiomarkers for the diagnosis of diseases as cancer and thrombosis. This project aims to tap into the clinicalpotential of EVs by developing traceable measurements of number concentration, size distribution, refractiveindex (RI) and fluorescence intensity of EVs in human blood and urine. The project will develop syntheticreference materials with physical properties resembling EVs, ready-to-use biological test samples, andinstrumentation and procedures to standardise EV measurements in clinical laboratories, which will beevaluated in an...