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Shock is defined as inadequate tissue perfusion. ... meaning what the heart pumps against. ... compensated (early) phase bp is above 90 systolic.
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Emergency Medical Training ServicesEmergency Medical Technician – Paramedic Program OutlinesOutline Topic: Shock Revised: 11/2013(12 questions on trauma exam from this outline)DEFINITIONS• Aerobic metabolism is energy using oxygen into cells.• Anaerobic metabolism is energy not using oxygen. 18 times less effective than aerobic and producesacids. Results in accumulation of lactic acid.• Hemorrhage - disruption, or leak, in the vascular system. Results in internal or external bleeding.• Cardiac Output is amount of output per minute. Heart rate times stroke volume is cardiac output.• Stroke Volume is the amount ejected in one contraction of heart• Perfusion means movement• Hypoperfusion is inadequate movement of blood. Also known as SHOCK.• SHOCK IS DEFINED AS INADEQUATE TISSUE PERFUSION.• Hypotension means low BP.• Pulse Pressure is the difference between the systolic and diastolic numbers.FICK PRINCIPLE• Getting oxygen into lungs, into body, into cells, back to lungs and out. If one is...