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General options information/trading basics and strategies: ▫ oic. ▫ cboe. ▫ pfg best education. ▫ investopedia.com. ▫ khan academy ... 23 pages
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eLearning: Options and Derivatives Resource GuidePreliminary Research by: Adam GitzesAdditional Research and Editing by: Andrew AbramsMontgomery Investment Technology, Inc.December 2012eLearning: Options and Derivatives Resource Guide© Montgomery Investment Technology, Inc.www.fintools.com Page 2 of 23IntroductionThe eLearning Resource Guide is an extensive list of online resources focused on options and derivatives. Thetopics covered range from basic trading strategy to employee share based compensation plans. The educationalresources include free online classes, videos, webcasts, live seminars, research papers, exam certifications, andmore. Most of the material is available for free, although some online class and certifications require a fee. Theseresources are aimed to educate MITI employees, MITI clients, or anyone interest knowing where to learn moreabout options and derivatives. Use this summary below to get a general overview of derivative and to understandhow to most efficient...
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