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All of tavlit emitters are known for their excellent ... the 863 mini-sprinkler can be supplied with ... uniform water distribution in a narrow strip. 24 pages
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Sprinklers and SprayersEIN DOR EMITTERS2For the past 40 years Ein-Dor products have been in theforefront of technology and innovation when it comes tomicro irrigation.Following the 2009 purchase of Ein-dor/Agridor, Tavlitnow supplies a wide range of sprinklers, micro-sprinklers,sprayers and foggers including low pressure/flow rateemitters of the highest quality.These emitters complement well the time-proven line ofTAVLIT classic products of Water and irrigation, andallow us to enhance our value offer to our customers.All of TAVLIT emitters are known for their excellentperformance, accuracy and uniform water distribution andcan be supplied in a wide range of flow rates and wettingdiameters in order to cover customers' requirements withregards to the following:Ein-Dor Emitters by TAVLITIrrigation of young and mature trees, orchards,•citrus groves, banana plantations, avocado,stone fruits etc.Overlapping irrigation of vegetables such as•potatoes, onion, leaves and other vegetablesthat req...