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By h taha · 2021 · cited by 1 — plans to establish a civilian nuclear power programme were almost always under consideration but never implemented. currently, the egyptian atomic energy agency ... 37 pages
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African perspectivesGlobal insightsEgypt’s Quest for a Nuclear FutureHEBATALLA TAHASpecialReportJanuary 20212Special Report | EGYPT’S QUEST FOR A NUCLEAR FUTUREExecutive summaryIn 2015 Egypt signed an agreement with ROSATOM, the Russian state atomic energycorporation, to build a nuclear power plant at Al Dabaa on the country’s northern coast,west of Alexandria. The agreement is a culmination of around six decades of discussionsand plans in Egypt to harness nuclear energy for peaceful purposes. Egypt first launched acivilian nuclear programme in 1954, two years after its independence, and has two researchreactors, which are currently operational.This report assesses Egypt’s plans to proceed with the construction of the power plant,which are firmly underway. It gives an overview of the context in which the project hasemerged, situating it within modern Egyptian history and politics. It also discusses thecountry’s normative frameworks on nuclear energy and the current legal and regulatory...