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1 minor paralysis (asymmetry on smiling, flattened nasolabial fold). 2 partial paralysis (total or near total lower face paralysis).
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Rev. 01/2016 (v2) Form 900130Neurological Assessment ScaleNational Institute of Health Stroke Scale (NIHSS)xh$2dyzxÿÿÿÿÿÿÿDR6Page 1 of 1Chart Copy−Do Not Destroy‘‘‘‘‘‘NIH Stroke Scale (NOTE: For a Score of Less Than 4 or Greater Than 20 refer to Exclusion Criteria)1a. Level of Consciousness 0 Alert1 Not alert, but arousable with minimal stimulation2 Not alert, requires repeated stimulation to attend3 Coma1b. LOC Questions 0 Answers both correctly1 Answers one correctly2 Answers neither correctly1c. LOC Commands 0 Obeys both correctly1 Obeys one correctly2 Performs neither correctly2. Extraocular Movements 0 Normal1 Partial gaze palsy2 Forced deviation or total gaze paresis not overcome by cephalic maneuver3. Visual Fields 0 No visual loss1 Partial hemianopsia2 Complete hemianopsia3 Bilateral hemianopsia (blind including cortical blindness)4. Facial Paresis 0 Normal symmetrical movement1 Minor paralysis (asymmetry on smiling, flattened nasolabial fold)2 Partial paralysis (total or near...