Dilworth elementary character education honesty (november)

Dilworth elementary character education ... honesty activities – one per grade level ... (suggested for grades 2 -5) – all dilworth 2nd grade classes.
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1Dilworth Elementary Character EducationHonesty (November)Pre-teach: Reacquaint yourself with the students and briefly review the traits you have discussed on yourprevious visits. Tell the students that today you will be discussing the trait honesty. Ask the following questionsand call on different students for answers. Below each question are examples of the type of responses you arelooking for. You may need to rephrase the student’s answers or guide them along.(Ask) What does honesty mean?1. To be truthful2. To not lie, cheat, or steal.(Ask) Why is honesty important?1. Honest people are trustworthy, dependable, and respected by others.2. It is the right thing to do. It feels good.3. Telling the truth lets everyone know what happened and keeps the wrong person from being blamed forsomething they didn’t do.(Ask) What are the consequences of dishonesty?1. Losing the trust and respect of others.2. The need to tell more lies in order to cover up.3. You may face punishment and embarrassmen...