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By gr loftus · 1983 · cited by 74 — when an observer is presented with a series of pictures followed by a recognition ... would be a likely candidate for inclusion on an encoded “weird list”).
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Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology (1983) 35A, 187-198Differential acquisitionrates for different types of. -information from picturesGEOFFREY R. LOFTUS*?, WALTER W. N ELSONtt, and HOWARD J .KALLMANf* University of Washington tt University of Minnesota, and 1 S U W , Albany,New York, USAI n three picture-recognition experiments, we investigated the characteristics of“specific feature” and “holistic” information hypothesized to be extracted frompictures. In each experiment, exposure time was varied at study. T h e recognition testwas two-alternative forced-choice in which the target/distractor relationship wasmanipulated in such a way that responding on the basis of one type of information orthe other was required. T h e results indicated that following one fixation on a picture atthe time of initial study, performance based on holistic information was superior toperformance based on specific feature information, whereas the reverse was truefollowing sufficient study time for ...