Different types of listening notes for oht 3.1

Their non-verbal behav- iour indicates that the listener is attending to what is being said. the empha- sis is on understanding the speaker's feelings and being ... 4 pages
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42DIFFERENT TYPES OF LISTENINGOHT 3.1 identifies some different types of listening and explanatory notesfollow.INFORMATIVE LISTENINGWhere your aim is to concentrate on the message being given. This may bethe content of a lesson, directions, instructions, etc. Ask the team whetherthey use any strategies to help them focus or retain information in thiscontext. Are there any ideas here for helping pupils with auditory learningdifficulties?The pre-session task is a useful awareness raising exercise that should:! illustrate that informative listening is HARD WORK! confirm that it is difficult to retain information we have listened to! reveal some of the obstructions to effective listening! remind colleagues how hard it must be for pupils to keep up their con-centration levels all day long.Ask colleagues which parts they found it easiest to remember and why.Feedback from this introductory activity could lead on to a sharing of expe-riences and a discussion about preferred learning styles. As...