Design engineer

Design engineer. introduction to mechanical design, prof. keun ryu. team name : please do not hibernate (잠수타지말아조). 고민지, 박경원, 박광민, 이현수, ... 14 pages
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Design EngineerIntroduction to Mechanical Design, Prof. Keun RyuTeam Name : Please Do not hibernate (잠수타지말아조)고민지, 박경원, 박광민, 이현수, 조윤수Table of Contents1. Justification: why is this important? What is Design Engineer and why should we know it?2. Outline of Contents3. Technical Contents Introduction of different companies with Design Engineers4. Conclusions : What was learned?5. The road ahead6. Support Material: References7. Q & AWhat is Design Engineer?Design engineers study, research and develop ideasfor new products and the systems used to makethem.Also, they modify existing products or processes toincrease efficiency or improve performance.1. Justification: why is this important?Why should we know it?Design engineer is the job that we can be. So, ourteam want this presentation is helpful to achievegoals.Different kinds ofcompanies inmechanical departmentCivil Design EngineerTextile DesignEngineerMechanical DesignEngineerAerospaceDesign Engineer2. Outline of Contents2016 Tesla Model ...