Definitions of poverty: twelve clusters of meaning

Both agree that poverty is a lack of something, and they are largely agreed on what is lacking. the main disagreement is about the source and foundation of the ... 15 pages
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Definitions of poverty:twelve clusters of meaningPAUL SPICKERWords acquire meaning from their use, and words that are usedextensively are liable to acquire not a single meaning, but a rangeof meanings. Wittgenstein analysed, as an example, the word ‘game’(Wittgenstein ). The different meanings of ‘game’, he argued– for example, a form of play, a sporting event, fighting spirit and thetarget in hunting – arose not simply as distinct uses, but as part ofan interrelated network of meanings, a ‘family’. Each member of thefamily could bear a resemblance to any of the others, but there is noreason to suppose that because A is like B, and B like C, that A islike C. Terms which are linked by family resemblance do not, then,necessarily have any single element in common; there is no ‘essentialcore’ of meaning. Rather, there are clusters of meaning. Terms areused if they are judged to be appropriate and like other usages, notbecause they fit a set of agreed criteria. This tends, over time, to...