Data-driven identification of dialogue acts in chat messages

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Data-Driven Identification of Dialogue Acts in Chat MessagesDietmar Schabus, Brigitte Krenn, and Friedrich NeubarthAustrian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence (OFAI)Vienna, [email protected] present an approach to classify chatmessages into dialogue acts, focusing onquestions and directives (“to-dos”). Ourmulti-lingual system uses word lexica, aspecialized tokenizer and rule-based shal-low syntactic analysis to compute relevantfeatures, and then trains statistical models(support vector machines, random forests,etc.) for dialogue act prediction. The classi-fication scores we achieve are very satisfac-tory on question detection and promisingon to-do detection, on English and Germandata collections.1 IntroductionOnline chat systems are a form of text-basedcommunication that has been available since theearly days of the Internet and that has becomewidespread in a variety of uses. In recent years,chat systems as a tool for business-internal com-municati...