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Prepared for a cyberattack. indeed, for nearly every organization, some type of cyber event is seen as increasingly inevitable. security teams must be.
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KPMG Internationalhome.kpmg/cyberconsiderationsCyber securityconsiderations2022Trust through securityForewordCyber security is about what you can do —not what you can’tThe threat landscape is expanding. Cybercriminalsare as entrepreneurial as ever and using increasinglysophisticated tools and technologies. In this fluidenvironment, we believe Chief Information SecurityOfficers (CISOs) and their teams should adopt a mindsetof enablement — cyber security is no longer just aboutprevention. It’s not a matter of telling colleagues whatthey can’t do, it’s showing them what they can do —securely.CISO paradigm shift: From enforcer toinfluencerWhile one of the key lessons of the pandemic is thatsome of the best cyber teams are able to pivot quickly toenable their organizations to work safely, remotely andeffectively, the broader, more strategic takeaway is thatthis period has caused organizations to rethink how theyengage with and serve their customers in a digital-firstenvironment. This shift ...
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