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Dear Cumberland Families,While you won’t be reading this until several days or maybe even a week from now, I am composingthis letter on the eve of the 2020 United States Presidential Election. For so many of us, this time isloaded to say the least – and even more so given that we are in the middle of a pandemic that hasforced us to change and adapt at minimum and draw on reserves of resilience that we never knewwe actually had. I bring up the election in order to acknowledge the fact that this moment – thesemoments – impact every single one of us in myriad ways...I am so proud to be a leader of and partner with this compassionate, caring, problem-solvingcommunity of Cumberland families and staff. I am so thankful for the role models our students havein our teachers, service providers, classified staff, and so many parent and family volunteers!I am thrilled that we have had a large cadre of Project Cornerstone volunteers who have gonethrough the digital approval process and are scheduli...
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