Conversation strategies per deal style - linda swindling

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Conversation Strategies per DEAL StyleDEAL styles correlate with commonly recognized styles of communication. Below are general descriptions that identify each DEAL style pluspopular profiles and assessments that relate. Although these profiles don’t map precisely to each DEAL style, each instrument offers extensivecoaching and training resources to help you identify your preferred communication style(s) and develop strategies to make requests of othersDEAL Styles Neutral Traits Development Areas Related Communication StylesDecidersWhen asking remember: Extroverted Improve asking skills through: Choleric /HippocratesNo chit chat, don’t waste timeAsk about bottom-line, politelychallenge thinking, give a fewchoices, let them decideAssertiveSeriousIntuitiveThinkersCommunication, patience,sensitivity, trusting othersEnhance natural strengths in:Negotiations, influence, risktaking, decision makingCommander/CORE MAPENT/Myers-BriggsDirector/Dominance/DiSCKnower/BrainStylesTask-oriented Red/Pe...