Chuck palahniuk doomed

Palahniuk, chuck. doomed / chuck palahniuk.—first edition. pages cm. sequel to: damned. [1. ghosts—fiction. 2. future life—fiction. 3. dead—fiction. 4. 237 pages
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Chuck PalahniukDOOMEDNOVEMBER 1, 12:01 A. M. PSTLife Begins at Preconception: APreludePosted by [email protected] and evil have always existed. They always will. It’s only our storiesabout them that ever change.In the sixth century B.C. the Greek lawmaker Solon journeyed to theEgyptian city of Sais and brought back the following account of the end of theworld. According to the priests at the temple of Neith, a cataclysm will sweepthe Earth with flames and poisonous smoke. In a single day and night anentire continent will founder and sink into the sea, and a false messiah willlead all of humanity to its doom.The Egyptian seers predicted that the Apocalypse will begin on a quietnight, on a lofty hilltop perched high above the kingdom of Los Angeles.There, the ancient oracles sing, a lock will snap open. Among the great walledhouses of Beverly Crest, a stout bolt will slide aside. As recorded by Solon, ahinged pair of security gates will swing wide apart. Below these,...
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