Chem 2323 title: organic chemistry ii number of hours

Write a full lab report (description of experiment, methods, data, analysis, ... carbonyl condensation reactions ... experiment 14: aldol condensation. 4 pages
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New York City College of TechnologyDepartment of ChemistryCourse Code: CHEM 2323Title: Organic Chemistry IINumber of hours, credits: (5 credits, 4 hours lecture, 3 hours lab)Course Description:Continuation of CHEM 2223 utilizing mechanistic interpretations of reaction of aliphaticand aromatic hydrocarbons, alcohols, ethers, aldehydes, ketones, acids and amines.Pre-requisite: CHEM 2223 – Organic Chemistry ICo-Requisite: CHEM 2323/LCourse Attributes: Writing IntensiveRequired Lecture Text: Organic Chemistry (current edition or contact department), JaniceGorzynski Smith, McGraw HillRequired Lab Text: A.M. Schoffstall, B.A. Gaddis, M.L. Druelinger, Microscale andMiniscale Organic Chemistry Laboratory Experiments, 2nd ed., McGraw HillRequired instructional materials or supplies: safety goggles, lab coat, laboratory notebookGeneral Education Learning Outcomes.1. Understand and employ both quantitative and qualitative analysis to describe and solveproblems.2. Produce well-reasoned written or ...