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Adamson, mary, 17573, 7yl, haisthorpe, e. beverley. ... tinning,. george, h. j., 8041, lto, bamban, gingin, ... carrington, 16093, w2m, beth ligo farm,.
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zotynnvntOFWESTERN AUSTRALIA.[.Published by Authority at 330 p.m][REGISTERED AT THE GENERAL POST OFFICE, PERTH, FOR TRANSMISSION SY POST AS A NEWSPAPER.]No. 48.] PERTH : WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 28. [1925.THEBRANDS DIRECTORYOFHorse and Cattle FirebrandsOFWESTERN AUSTRALIA,TO31st December, 1924.OCTOBER 28, 1925.] GOVERNMENT GAZETTE, W.A. 3THEBRANDS DIRECTORYOFHORSE AND CATTLE FIREBRANDSOFW EST ERN AUSTRALIA,TO31ST DECEMBER, 1994.A.Name, No., Brand, Run where Brand to be used, andPostal Address.Abadee, Albert, 30, 9AA, Albert Farm, Kalgoorlie.AbaddiniPeter, 10508, PA7, Riviera Farm, Kojoiip.Abbey, A., 2258, DA.7, Busselton.Abbey, Nathaniel, 9012, NIA, Worangup, Yallingup.Abbey, Thomas, 13508, TA7, Newtown, Sussex.Abbott, A., 26, 5AA, Woodvale, Katanning.Abbott, Aliee, .10950, 9XP, Group 31, Jarnadup.Abbott, A. J., 21, OAA, Cannoning, West Wagin.Abbott, A. R., 25, 4AA, The Priory, East Wagin.Abbott, Alex.,(3, AA5, Chittering Brook,Midland.1 unction.Abbott, E. G., 3010, EMI, Humphries' Farm, Bee...
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