Bicycle sharing in china: past, present, and future

By n zhao · 2018 · cited by 8 — china was known as the “kingdom of bicycles” in the 1980s. ... economy literature by examining the evolution of docked and dock-less bicycle. 7 pages
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Association for Information SystemsAIS Electronic Library (AISeL)SAIS 2018 Proceedings Southern (SAIS)Spring 3-23-2018BICYCLE SHARING IN CHINA: PAST,PRESENT, AND FUTURENaidong ZhaoBeijing Institute of Fashion Technology, [email protected] ZhangUniversity of North Alabama, [email protected] Shane BanksUniversity of North Alabama, [email protected] XiongBeijing Normal University, [email protected] this and additional works at: https://aisel.aisnet.org/sais2018This material is brought to you by the Southern (SAIS) at AIS Electronic Library (AISeL). It has been accepted for inclusion in SAIS 2018 Proceedingsby an authorized administrator of AIS Electronic Library (AISeL). For more information, please contact [email protected] CitationZhao, Naidong; Zhang, Xihui; Banks, M. Shane; and Xiong, Mingke, "BICYCLE SHARING IN CHINA: PAST, PRESENT, ANDFUTURE" (2018). SAIS 2018 Proceedings. 11.https://aisel.aisnet.org/sais2018/11brought to you by COREView metadata, citat...