Beginnings - bristol film and video society

Although i can no longer get to meetings, i very much appreciate the honour of life-membership of the society", he ... 1975 malabar masque - a.d.bolland. 32 pages
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1BeginningsThe Western Daily Press of January 8th 1934 reported, under the headline BRISTOL CIVIC HEADS SHOT - BUTONLY WITH CINE CAMERA, a rather splendid, and for us historic, film show. There was a picture of some wellstarched, wing- collared and pin-striped gentlemen, brandishing movie cameras, accompanied by the Lord Mayorand Lady Mayoress of Bristol at the Royal Hotel, College Green. This has often been quoted, as the first meeting ofwhat is now the Bristol Cine Society. Research has shown that it is not quite as easy as that. This in fact was ashowing of prize-winning films in the 1933 amateur movie competition of the Institute of AmateurCinematographers. The probable purpose behind it was to launch an IAC - fellowship in Bristol: these fellowshipswere similar to earlier Kodak ones and were intended to provide a means by which I.A.C. members could meet andexchange films and information. A number of these were set up in various areas and Mr. Leslie Froude, presentPresident of the ...